Meelis PirnKati Raudsepp
The Barrister Law Firm provides Estonian and international clients with multifaceted legal assistance. The attorneys working in the firm have long-term cooperation relationships with the law firms of various Member States of the European Union and Russia.

The Barrister Law Firm advises and represents clients in the following fields of law: contract law, property law (real property transactions), commercial law, building and planning law, labour law, bankruptcy law, family law, and copyright law.

The Barrister Law Firm attends to counselling, drawing up documents as well as representing clients in extrajudicial negotiations, court and arbitration. We also advise and represent clients in connection with participation in public procurement.

The Barrister Law Firm also assists in foundation, merger, division, etc., of companies.

The attorneys of the company have considerable experience in drawing up all kinds of legal documents ranging from simple applications to complicated contracts.