Karl Haavasalu, Attorney-at-Law

Karl Haavasalu graduated from the School of Law of the University of Tartu in 2000 after completing four-year bachelor studies and acquiring a BA degree in law, which is equivalent to an MA degree today.

In 2006 Karl Haavasalu completed his studies in the University of Münster in Germany cum laude and was awarded the degree legum magister (the topic of his thesis was “Objections of the insurer to the indemnity claim of the injured party in the case of reinsurance in Estonian and German law”).

Karl Haavasalu has been a member of the Estonian Bar Association since the end of 2000 and working as an attorney-at-law since February 2003.

Karl Haavasalu worked at Law Firm TSG Baltic (former name Law Firm VARUL) from November 1999 to the end of August 2018. Attorney-at-Law Karl Haavasalu has been working in Barrister Law Firm since September 2018.

Areas of work

One of the main areas of activity of Attorney-at-Law Karl Haavasalu is insurance law, in which he has extensive experience in various out-of-court disputes and litigation. In addition to defending his master’s thesis on insurance law at the University of Münster in Germany, Karl Haavasalu has published several articles about insurance law in Juridica and Versicherungsrecht magazines.

Karl Haavasalu is also the author of the comments about insurance contracts in the contract law handbook of Äripäev. The completion of the only Estonian standard of insurance law “Entry into and content of the voluntary professional liability insurance contracts of construction consultants” was also overseen by Attorney-at-Law Karl Haavasalu. Attorney-at-Law Karl Haavasalu also works as the insurance conciliator for the Estonian Insurance Association.

Attorney-at-Law Karl Haavasalu also has extensive experience in disputes concerning environmental law. Above all, he has worked on environmental law issues related to environmental impact assessment, nature conservation and mining.

Attorney-at-Law Karl Haavasalu also gives legal advice in relation to construction and planning law, housing law (leases, issues related to apartment associations and apartment ownerships), labour law, transport law and family law. Attorney-at-Law Karl Haavasalu represents clients in civil and administrative proceedings.

Working languages

Working languages: Estonian, German, English and Russian

Contact details

karl.haavasalu@barrister.ee; +372 5685 6150

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